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An Oversized Football Boot And The $3,094,780 Sale

From a young age, all I wanted to be was a professional football (soccer) player. I was good. I trained hard and was focused on playing professionally from about 7 years old.


School and learning was not top of my agenda. I didn’t need it, I was going to be a professional player raking in the big bucks. Sure, I turned up to classes, but I wasn’t really there if you know what I mean. I left school and took a part-time job to pay the bills in a sports store, which gave me more chance to train with my club and prepare for a life of riches.


Then an opportunity arose, all my hard work was looking to pay off. I’d broken into the first team at my club at 17, and I’d been offered trials with 2 English Premier League and 1 Championship team. My bags were packed and ready to go as soon as my local season ended.



From a Professional Football Player to No Career At All !

Two weeks before the end of the season, we were playing an away game and the worst thing you could imagine happened… I turned awkwardly, and I fell to the ground in agony.


In a split second, everything I had worked for since I was 7 years old was gone in that moment. I’d broken my left ankle AND fractured my right ankle…at the same time.


I tried to rehabilitate, but I wasn’t the same again. There were aborted comebacks, but I just wasn’t anywhere near the same player I was before the incident. I needed a new career at 20, and I needed it fast. That’s how I got into sales.


After almost 15 years of being a sales guy, I decided to open my own business…

How My First Business Was An Overnight Success… and How it All Went Crashing Down

After almost 15 years of sales and account management experience, across a range of industries, I decided to branch out on my own and start my own business.


My business partner and I started a wholesale company importing cleaning supplies from China, which we would sell to other wholesalers and end-users.


I’d get on the phone and cold call everyone I could, sales is a numbers game I would tell myself and the more people I spoke with, the better. I’d be disingenuous if I said we weren’t successful those first few years. I was able to win several major accounts, and we had taken the business from zero in sales to millions in revenue in the first two years.

But… there was a storm brewing… The perfect storm was the global financial crisis of 2008.


Being located in Australia, we sold our goods in Australian Dollars and paid for them in U.S. Dollars.


As you can see here, the Australian Dollar dropped from 0.96 to 0.62 almost overnight.


This drop has increased our expenses by nearly $500,000 overnight.


Needless to say, we had to shut the doors.

It got to a point where I was selling my household furniture just to feed my family.


I’d never felt so low. I could see the world had changed, and the Internet and social media in particular as a business tool was still in its infancy, but I knew it was the future. 

From Selling My Household Furniture
Just to Feed My Family, to a $3,094,780 Deal…

So how did this happen ?


My most significant turning point when using the methodology you will see here was when I put it to use myself and landed a client contract worth $3,094,780 that all started via engaging the prospect via social platforms.


I’ve also taught this very methodology to scores of salespeople and business owners who have had some very kind words to say about what they have been able to achieve and how much their business has grown by working with me. More on that later.

I built my online foundations by optimizing my social profiles and understanding my ideal customer avatar, began to build my authority in the niche through personal branding, started churning out content that spoke to that very ideal customer across the social platforms I knew they frequented, engaged my potential prospects on those platforms, then begun to drive revenue from this very platform.


The $3,094,780 sale I mentioned came from the work I had been putting in adapting to the modern customer and their needs.


And I did all of this using a method that I call…

To teach people how to use my P.A.C.E.R. method and learn how to generate hot, targeted leads and then turn them into high-ticket sales, I’ve put together an academy program that I personally teach…

In the last few years there has been a notable shift in the way salespeople are winning business and some of the methods that worked in the past no longer work with the same effectiveness.


To this end, I have combined my own experience, as well as studying the winners in the new “experience economy” to transform not only my own sales processes and practices, but many others through white papers, books, webinars and training programs.


In the past I would have just recorded a training DVD - but young people today would be like,


“What the f**k is a DVD?”


I firmly believe to win in the quest for the “modern customer” we need to be flexible, agile and offer genuine commercial insight to our customers.


Also, more high-fives. Who doesn’t love high-fives?


A combination of social/digital sales techniques, combined with the right storytelling and strategic frameworks will allow the next generation of salespeople to connect and engage with their prospects on levels never experienced before.

I’m a huge football fan and lifelong Liverpool supporter. If you’re a Manchester United fan, I’ll let it slide for now.


However, you’ll have to pick up the tab at the pub next time :)


I’ve been involved in sales and business development for over 25+ years across a range of industries with the last 15 spent predominantly in the outsourcing and customer management space.


During my career I have been fortunate enough to generate over $500 million in sales for the businesses I have worked for and have trained over 1,000 people in varying stages of their sales and customer service career to great success.


One of my favorite things to do is train people to perform at the highest level. If you ask anyone I’ve trained their favorite thing to do, it will likely be “not needing Scott to train me anymore because I’m doing so well now.”


I have also devised award winning sales training and marketing videos and have sold over 3,000 products online in the last 10 years. Fortunately 2,871 of those sales were to people not in my immediate family !

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