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Social Sales.  Business Development. Outsourcing & Online Marketing Expert


  • Author - 7 Figure Sales Skills
  • Award Winning Digital Product Creator
  • Last but not least... Father of 4. World's Greatest Dad :)


OK, in fairness, that last one isn’t confirmed yet, but I feel like I should at least be in the running when they announce the award winners.


My name is Scott. I’m a business development, contact centre and CX professional with over 25 years experience in a wide variety of sales and operational roles including running my own business'​.


I am currently in the role of Vice President, Australia with Inspiro.

Highly experienced in contact centre outsourcing, customer management and social / digital selling, my career to date in this field has taken in a number of verticals including finance, insurance, energy, not for profit, retail and consumables.


Recently, I was named one of the 30 Most Creative Corporate Leaders To Watch by Insights Success Magazine. I have not yet been named Male Model of the Year, but I feel like 2020 is my year.




Over 25 Years Experience


$500 Million+ 

Products & Services Sold


Coffees Daily


Satisfied Clients



How I Can Help Your Business

I have extensive experience working with business to provide the right solutions that have increased revenue, provided operational cost reductions and more.

See below on how I can help your business

  • Coaching

    I have extensive experience in coaching sales and customer service teams to success. I have trained over 1000 people in my career to date who have gone on to sell approximately $300 million in goods and services.

  • Sales & Marketing Automation Tools

    I have devised and created proprietary sales and marketing automation software tools that can make salespeople more productive, get results faster. 

  • Public Speaking

    Accused on more than one occasion of being able to speak underwater :), I have delivered talks to business leaders and companies on multiple topics such as the modern customer, outsourcing in Australia, sales and business development.  

  • Online Training Programs

    I have sold digital products to over 3000 happy customers over the last 10 years. I have also won a number of awards for the quality of my online training programs. These programs have covered, social sales, social media and digital marketing.

  • Outbound & Inbound Contact Centre Solutions

    Large scale and high volume inbound & outbound customer contact projects (e.g sales, customer service, help desk/technical support).

  • Custom Training Programs

    Custom training development is available to meet the needs of your sales and business development teams. My past training has included Social Selling to The Modern Customer, Mass Persuasion Techniques and Linkedin Optimization

"I add value to my clients business and more importantly your customers, by devising solutions that enhance the customer experience, drive revenue and provide positive ROI to your business."  ​


What People Say About Working With Scott 

Real People, Real Results...You Could Be Next

"$16k In 3 Weeks !! "


Hi Scott,

Thanks again for facilitating some of the best sales training. I believe I've had in my career.


It was gruelling, at times, but on-point for where I need to be to lead in my new sales career. You have been a focused and inspirational coach and tremendously supportive and challenging in equal measures.


I have brought over $16000 in 3 weeks in my new position, and I feel its due to the consistent training and coaching from yourself. So Thank You.

Kristy Collins

Sales Consultant

"Scott Is A True Thought Leader!"


Scott is an intelligent and committed individual who takes pride in his work. He has an open, direct and pragmatic style that commands respect and a willingness to provide honest feedback. His courage in challenging the statue quo establishes him as a true thought leader in any industry.








Amar Mangu

Banking Consultant

"Highly Recommended ! "


I've really enjoyed working with Scott.

He has a very detailed understanding of sales, and sales processes, and with his 'granular view' (as he likes to call it), still manages to break common processes and practices down to a very fine level, and amazingly, does so while still making the training fun and engaging.


He has been a real pleasure, and I would recommend to anyone, experienced in sales or otherwise, who might benefit from a thoughtful and enlightening perspective on what makes sales and sales processes work

Rory McKay

Sales Consultant


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  • “What content are you creating for your prospects in each stage of the buyers journey ?
  • What are the best subject lines you have used for cold emails to prospects ?
  • “How have you successfully overcome objection x ? etc”

Awards Won By Scott

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Business Development & Customer Contact Specialist. Father of 4.
World's Greatest Dad... According To My Mug.  










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